Ann's Preemie Hat
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Knitting 4 Children

Anne R.'s Modified Small Preemie Hat

Fingering Yarn
Size #3 needles

This hat may be adjusted in size by using needles size #2 or #4. You also may add 8 stitches. You will have to adjust the length if you make these changes.

Cast on 40 sts. Knit every row for 14 rows. Purl 1 row on the wrong side for a turning ridge.

Knit 2, purl 2 for 8 rows of ribbing.
Next, knit 20 rows of garter stitch (knit every row).

Begin Decreases

Row 1 -- (knit 3, knit 2 tog)* across the row.
Row 2 -- Knit across the row.
Row 3 -- (Knit 2, knit 2 tog.)* across the row.
Row 4 __ Knit across the row.
Row 5 -- (Knit 2 tog)* across the entire row.

Cut the yarn to about 15 inches. Thread a needle and gather the remaining stitches. Sew a flat seam, remembering to reverse the seam on the turn-up
cuff. If desired, you may attach a pompon or a bow.