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Knitting 4 Children

Just your Basic Beanie for teens and adults


Here are basic instructions to make a simple hat suitable for teens and adults.  This hat is done on a circular needle with a ribbed brim.  I am a relatively loose knitter.  If you knit tighter or wish to use a different sized needle, you will have to make appropriate adjustments.
Yarn - either 1 strand Chunky or 2 strands worsted weight, washable wool or acrylic.
Needles - Size 8 or 9 circular, plus same sized dpns.
Cast on 60 or 66 stitches.
K2, P1 around until piece length measures 1" to 2".
Knit around until entire piece length measures 7" to 8".
Begin decrease.  (Switch to dpns when necessary.)
K4, K2tog around.
Knit around.
K3, K2tog around.
Knit around.
K2, K2 tog around.
Knit around.
K1, K2tog around.
Knit around.
K2 tog around.
Break off yarn, leaving adequate amount to fasten off.  Run yarn through stitches and secure.
Other options:  Use your own favorite ribbing pattern or knit in the round to create a rolled brim (more feminine). 
Also, you may substiture your own favorite method of decreasing.
........shared with you by Becky Carter

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