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Ann's Machine Knit Hat

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Knitting 4 Children

Machine Knit Baby Hats
By Ann D. in S. Africa

I use a Passap E6000 and 4 ply knitting yarn.
It is the thickness that is normally used for stocking stitch.
I am not sure what the American equivalent is .
I knit these hats a looser tension than for a normal garment because those hats need to be soft and cuddly.

1:1 cast on 60 (70) stitches at Tension 4 throughout.
Knit 16 (20 ) rows rib.
Transfer for stocking stitch.
Put up 1 extra stitch at on end 61 (71) stitches.
Knit 30 (40) rows at tension 7.5
Knit several rows in waste yarn and drop from machine.
Put all the stitches onto a needles to get a tension that matches.
I used a 31/4 mm
*Knit 4 (5) K2 tog.* across K1
Purl back
*Knit 3 (4) K2 tog. * across, K1
Purl back.
*Knit 2 (3) K 2 tog. * across, K1
Purl back.
*Knit 1 (2) K2 tog. * across, K1
Purl back
Bigger size only -* Knit 1 K 2 tog.* across K1
Purl back.
Both sizes* K2 tog* . across K1
Cut a long tail of yarn and thread through the stitches.
Pull up tight and sew seam.
Put a small pompom on top if you like.