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Sally's Tube Socks
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Knitting 4 Children

Sally's Tube Socks

With #10 needle cast on 28/32 sts. Switch to #5 needles.
K1, P1, rib for 3"/3 1/2"
K1 row, p1 row (st. st.) for 6-8"/8-12"
Row 1: K2 tog., K10/12, K2 tog. twice, K10/12, K2 tog.
Row 2: P2 tog., P8/10, P2 tog. twice, P8/10, P2 tog.
Row 3: K2 tog., K6/8. K2 tog. twice, K6/8, K2 tog.
(larger size only): P2 tog., P6, P2 tog. twice, P6, P2 tog.
Bind off remaining sts. sew side and toe seam. Done!

Just some notes: I usually use worsted or sport weight yarn. (If
you're knitting for Children in Common they ask for wool or mostly
wool yarn). Any needle from about size 4 to 8 (depending on yarn
size) should work ok. They need all sizes up to age 16 which is I imagine an adult size foot. The larger size in worsted weight
easily fit on my foot - length of st. st. can be adjusted to fit need.
You can add stripes in the ribbing or throughout the entire sock. I
knit both socks at the same time - that way I know they will turn out
the same especially if I have to do creative striping when running out
of one color or another. This pattern is easy enough for a first
project. If you prefer to knit on double pointed needles, thats
possible too - maybe cast on 24 or 36 sts. Have fun and keep those
socks coming. Any problems or questions let me know.